Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Massage Therapy is one of the most timeless forms of treatment that effectively helps in pain relief and preventing, development, maintenance and healing of physical function.  Suitable for all people and conditions, massage therapy is favourable because it helps to prevent a condition before it develops. It is also soothing and most effective in reducing stress and muscle tension, benefiting one’s circulatory and nervous system. Registered massage therapy ensures protection over the patient and practitioner in that treatment is performed professionally and accurately, and that practitioners are legally qualified to perform treatments. It is also regulated under the Massage Therapy Act, 1991 in Ontario.

Registered massage therapy improves one’s joint mobility, circulation and immune system. It increases body awareness and decreases physical pain, bodily tension and relaxes one’s emotional state. Registered massage therapy may be used to treat other illnesses such as insomnia, digestive problems, fractures, asthma, muscle spasms, strains and sprains, stroke, tendonitis and many others. However, registered massage therapy is not recommended for patients with swelling, severe osteoporosis, skin irritation, varicose veins, or difficulty with breathing.

For more information regarding the Massage Therapy Act, please visit Massage Therapy is also a regulated health profession in Ontario under the Regulated Health Professions Act.

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