Clinical Nutritionist

Clinical nutrition owes its origins to French chemist Lavoisier of the 18th century when he first raised awareness to the relationship between one’s functioning and diet. Clinical Nutrition is a healthcare discipline that focuses on one’s diet and bodily balance in relation to health. Clinical nutritionists strive to understand the science of nutrition and the influences that food have on one’s health. They are trained to read the body and to prevent diseases before they occur by searching for imbalances in one’s body as well as recognizing diseases that already existing. Clinical nutritionists will then discuss the condition with the client and think of a strategy to support the body.

Clinical nutritionists in their treatments may employ the use of nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Clinical nutritionists also study and monitor one’s eating habits. By encouraging changes to one’s diet accordingly, patients may achieve better health and prevent the development of diseases and illnesses.

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