President’s Statement


It is my honour and I am pleased to be the president of the Canada Association of Certified Health Practitioner. I hope with my past experiences and knowledge, I am able to lead CACHP into prosperity.

The Canada Association of Certified Health Practitioners (CACHP) is in its first year as the professional membership services body for professional health practitioners in Canada.

The CACHP will provide services that will be beneficial to both the health practitioners and the public, which include health care like health promotion, illness prevention, care for the sick and community development. The quality of health care requires a team approach that allows clients to gain access to care from all types of health practitioners available in the health system to address their individual health concerns. For the clients to benefit from these health care, there must be a leading association and hence the set up of the CACHP.

I wish as a group of health professionals, we can share our knowledge with one another to further improve this community. By conducting workshops, trainings, and seminars, we can educate members of this association so that they can bring these knowledge back to their workplace. Therefore I envision this association to be of help to not only to members of CACHP but also to the numerous people related to it. Let us work together to create a society with even better health professionals.

Ying Wong
President, The CACHP

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