Comprised of health practitioners from all across the nation, Canada Association of Certified Health Practitioners (CACHP) is a registered non-profit organization representing healthcare professionals in Canada. CACHP aims to unite professional health practitioners to (1) improve their academic and ethical standards, (2) to promote the exchanging of academic knowledge and practices among professionals, (3) to familiarize and promote basic health knowledge to the general public, and (4) to provide various prevention, rehabilitation and health services to the community. The association continues to learn, enhance and educate. Seminars are organized on a regular basis, encouraging members to improve their academic standards as well as diagnosis and treatment skills, to regulate their medical practices, to strengthen their oversight and supervision skills to enhance the credibility of the practitioners of CACHP and thus ensure protection over the public in regards to medical treatments. Its main office is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

CACHP is involved in the following subjects and activities:

  1. Organization of various academic activities and events, research and scientific investigations and participation in volunteer events
  2. Publications of academic journals, scientific books, articles and informative writings
  3. Promotion of continuous learning, enhancement courses with emphasis on theory and application, and improvement of academic standards
  4. Development and promotion of natural and technological healthcare, providing relevant departments and healthcare groups with information and services in relation to technology
  5. Discovery of outstanding professionals; to train and promote them to relevant departments and clinics; to reward academic excellence, research and scientific works
  6. Protection of the benefits of professional health practitioners, to strengthen the cooperation, unity and mutual bond among members within a harmonious environment, and to serve and contribute to the community

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